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April 27, 2014

The last two reviews (Nov 2013, April 2014) were obviously either by parents who have never stepped into Leavenworth High School or are from neighboring high schools playing a prank. Work ethic is rewarded whether in academic or athletic endeavors - sounds like a couple of folks with an axe to grind. Highlights of 2013-14 - school made AYP Standard of Excellence for the last testing year under NCLB - Reading & Math, students once again heading to prestigious colleges across the US, state qualifiers for football, Girls basketball State 5A champions, JROTC battalion at over 350 students engaged in learning leadership - the list could go on. Are there problems in the school? Of course, this is not a rich community - over 40% of school population is on reduced price meals, but the high school is full of dedicated, caring teachers, counselors, and administrators who work very hard to help kids succeed. Parents like the ones who wrote in below never participate, never volunteer, and always blame the school for any perceived slight. Heaven forbid that they actual parent and show up once in a while. Your high school students will get a great education in a diverse school - Go Pioneers!

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April 25, 2014

The staff of this school do not take care of their students. The programs are underfunded, undermanaged, and just plain awful. There are constant drug searches and fights. It is not a learning environment, it is a jail.

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November 23, 2013

This schools education system is standard but their integrity with sports it's ridiculous and sad. They show favoritism. It's not about how good your child maybe, it's who you know! Sad, taking my kids out of this hypercritical school a nd town. The teachers are lack luster and uncaring. They are burnt out and view children as burdens. It's sad what the education system has come to , !!! Angry Patent

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October 28, 2013

This school has came a long ways.And has some of the best teachers.The students there should be recognized.They have some of the brightest kids.And not enough tutoring provided for these children,and their families.Wining this money will help these students provide the funding to help them learn.And make their futures brighter.

November 18, 2011

Best high school in the county. It has rigorous classes for students who want to be challenged. This HS has the most AP classes, highest quality of teachers, most caring and engaged counselors, wonderfully involved parents, and motivated students. Results of this can be seen in the number of students accepted into the best institutions for higher learning in this country. For example, this year s class of seniors has four students who have already been accepted into West Point. How many other schools in the STATE can meet that kind of quality? If you re moving here and trying to decide which high school to place your student in, select the best Leavenworth High School.

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August 20, 2011

I attended LHS and graduated with the class of 2008. I actually was able to graduate early in December which allowed me the opportunity to jump start my college education. You have to be a student who is willing to apply themselves. I took a few A.P. english classes and felt they were focused and prepared me well for my college experience. There are always problems in a school and some incidents are exposed and make the school appear worse than it is. I will say, when I went, Mr. Parker was making some major and positive changes.

July 18, 2010

I am a LHS graduate and I had a wonderful experience. There are so many clubs and activities to participate in, including many that are award winning and nationally ranked.From experience I know LHS is also very accommodating to new students and counselors seek to help students succeed.There are many class choices and everyone can find a place to fit in. LHS has a reputation as being an old, outdated and dangerous school, but I feel this is unjustified. I always felt safe and the new renovations are almost complete. If you want to succeed at LHS, you most certainly can but like any school, you have to put in the effort. LHS has all the tools necessary for success and many students leave LHS to attend great colleges such as West Point, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, KU and K-state. My only complaint: some AP classes are not really AP level.

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May 25, 2010

Excellent school with teachers who care. School facilities being upgraded. Principal is a strong leader.

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December 5, 2009

LHS is a bad school. They need to work on the way they group the classes. The gifted students are often placed in bleow average classes with the kids who are unwilling to try unwilling to learn and unwilling to listen. It does nothing other then hamper the learning process for both levels of students. If LHS would seperate the students it wold allow differnet styles of learning to be applied,but they don't have the money. And the school is filled with thugs and rug users

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September 26, 2009

As a former teacher at this school, I can without doubt say this is one of the worst schools in the state of Kansas. In the last four years, they have had three principals, nine assistant principals and an incredible amount of teacher turnover. Until this district gets decent leadership, LHS as well as all the other schools in the district will continue their decline. If you are new to the area, I urge you do not send your kids to this district.

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September 16, 2009

We are an awesome school. The staff works hard to improve our mind and strengthen our weaknesses. We try hard to succeed and become better people. We have an impressive JROTC program and we all participate in clubs and extra curricular activities.

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February 14, 2009

I'm an alumni of LHS and I got an excellent education there. I was well prepared for my college. My gifted teacher helped me expand my horizons beyond KU and K-State and wrote me a recommendation that helped me stand out and get a scholarship. I have to agree that the school needs air conditioning but I hear the town passed a bond issue so I have high hopes for it.

January 31, 2009

this school is ok but this is from a student point of view yes its an ok school but is old and needs air conditioning and i agree with you guys on acadimics but even most of the theacher are saying that the acadimics in lhs are dumb because a 60 percent is passing and my wourld geo teacher said they might lower it to 40% as passing wich makes us dumb but there are really bright students that stand out all the time but there is know help for the people that need help like a extra class or something like it to help them and the classes are way to big we have 18 kids we had to bring in three extra desks and one other bad thing is the small hallways (math hallway) from:(2009-2012 freshmen) i will have to dill with it (Go staff)

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March 7, 2008

I am a parent of 2 LHS graduates (1989 and 2006). I also have a senior at the school today on track to graduate in May 2008. LHS has a wide range of student and teacher talent with both extremes accounted for. Mr. Elliot (Drama teacher) and Ms. Schukman (English teacher) are both phenomenal role models, hard working, care about student learning, and have made the high school experience memorable for my children. The downside of the school is the building itself is very old and it lacks air conditioning in many of the rooms; resulting in many heat days in August. I find it extremely hard to believe that in the 21st century, a modern HS does not have air conditioning in Kansas!

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July 5, 2007

Yes, the school is old but don't judge the book by the cover. I have two children that have attended LHS. I must say that I am satisfied with their academic development. As with all student and school relationships, students get out it what they put into it. My sun scored 26 on his ACT and is going to college on academic scholarship. His graduating class received over 3 million in combine awards and scholarships. Not Bad.

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